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How to write a CV


Finding work experience for you.



Sending in an application for a job can be daunting. We will help you get it done.


Making that first impression is all important. We will help you polish your skills.


We will provide access to face to face training and events as well as online training.


Interested in becoming an apprentice? We can help you plan your journey.

What we can do for you.


The Spelthorne Jobs and Skills Hub is designed to empower you to take control of your future career path. Together we will identify your next steps, discover your interests and develop your skills.

Our team will work with you regardless of your abilities, education level or how long since you last worked. Our team of work coaches are here to support and guide you.

The Spelthorne Jobs and Skills Hub also offers local businesses a chance to access a diverse and vibrant talent pool of ambitious individuals eager to work.



After school I went to college and realised it just wasn’t for me – working with the Jobs & Skills hub we explored other options and in February 24 I attended their Apprenticeship Fair and met up with a local company offering apprenticeships in an area I had never really thought of.

I attended an interview  and have now started working with them as a level 3 apprentice.


FG aged 17 – 20, Apprentice Residential & Business Facilities £24k

I was looking at options to complete my Maths & English GCSE to allow me to move forward into the career I really want.

The jobs and skills hub provided me with a huge amount of information and helped me reach out to local colleges and if all goes to plan I want to join the Fire Service in 2 years’ time.

YP Aged 19

Thanks to the Hub, I landed my first job within just over two weeks of their support.

On my first appointment they looked at my cv and made me aware of a position with a local company that they work with.

They matched my skills to the role and gave me a detailed job outline, I told them that I was genuinely interested. They helped me with my cv and put me forward to interview.

At the interview I felt really confident and the following day I was offered the job – I’m incredibly grateful.


PH aged 21 – 25, Public Sector – £22k -28k

Just want to thank you for all the support you and the team have provided, its been a challenging time recently.  

The Jobs & Skills Hub provided me with a more comfortable setting to discuss support.

They rewrote my CV for recruitment sites and providing regular insights into the recruitment process. I got a job within 2 weeks.  I am more confident and look forward to the future.


GB aged 30 – 35, Pharmaceutical – HR Specialist – £35 – 40k

Thanks to the support and guidance from the Jobs and Skills Hub, I’ve transformed from feeling lost and overwhelmed to empowered and confident.

Having enjoyed a successful career, I, like many others got hit hard by the unprecedented events of 2020 following lock down.

That all changed one day when I popped into the hub, I was provided with professional advice and within weeks, opportunities were opening up.


SD aged 55 – 65, Sales Director Salary range £80 to £100k

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